explore, reflect, correct

if 27 was the year of exploration
	i explored

if 28 was the year of reflection
	i reflected
		a whole lot

if 29 was the year of correction
	i corrected
		and still am

and now 
	at 30
		i am just waiting

i read this thing about
the 8 kinds of emotions
	we humans
				can feel
	vigilance, and admiration,
	terror, and loathing, 
	grief, and amazement, 
	ecstasy, and sadness. 

but what about shame? 
	and what about freedom?

i read this story 
about a guy 
who worked for 20 odd years
and saved a whole lot of money
so that he could travel the world 
with his wife
but he passed away
just a year before his retirement

and recently i thought
how this poem
needs a better ending